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Our Privacy Policy

DeOro Sports is committed to protecting your privacy and complying with applicable data protection and privacy laws. This Privacy Policy is designed to help you understand what kind of information we collect in connection with our products and services and how we process and use such information. Throughout this Policy, the term “personal data” means information relating to an identified or identifiable individual.

Data Collection

DeOro Sports may collect your data typically when you purchase our products, use or register for our services, enter into a sales promotion or a campaign, or otherwise interact with us. We may ask you to provide us with certain information such as your name, email address, and street address, as well as user names, passwords, and other such credentials that are used to authenticate users and validate their actions or that may be needed to provide you with the products and services you have requested or to communicate with you. DeOro Sports collects training data and demographic information, for example, your age, gender, postal code, and language preferences.

We collect or request information relating to your purchase or use of our products. Such information may include, for example, details of the queries or requests you have made, the products and services provided (including delivery details), purchasing details (including payments made, credit card details, billing address, credit checks, and other such financial information), details of agreements between you and DeOro Sports, records of contacts and communications, information and details relating to the content you have provided us with and other such transnational information. We may, by applicable law, record your communication with our customer care or with other similar contact points.

Marketing Purposes

We may process and collect personal data to develop our products and/or services. However, for the most part, we only use aggregate and statistical information in the development of our products and services, and not data directly identifiable to you. DeOro Sports may also process and use your data to personalize our offerings and to provide you with services more relevant to you, for example, to make recommendations and to display customized content and advertising. We may combine personal data collected in connection with your use of a particular DeOro Sports product and/or service with other personal data we may hold about you, except where such personal data was collected for a different purpose.

DeOro Sports may collect and use your data to communicate with you, for example, to provide information relating to our products and/or services you are using or to contact you for customer satisfaction queries. We may process and use your data for marketing. Marketing purposes may include using your data for personalized marketing or research purposes by applicable laws, for example, to conduct market research and to communicate our products, services, or promotions to you via our own or third parties’ electronic or other services.

Data Security

DeOro Sports implements appropriate technical and organizational security measures to prevent and minimize risks associated with providing and processing personal data.

Such security measures include, where appropriate, the use of firewalls, secure server facilities, encryption, implementing proper access rights management systems and processes, careful selection of processors, sufficient training of DeOro Sports’ personnel involved in the processing, and other necessary measures to provide appropriate protection for your data against unauthorized use or disclosure. Where appropriate, we may also take backup copies and use other such means to prevent accidental damage or destruction of your data. If a particular part of a DeOro Sports website supports online transactions, we will use an industry-standard security measure, such as the one available through the “Secure Sockets Layer” (“SSL”), to protect the confidentiality and security of online transactions.

Use of Cookies

From time to time when you visit DeOroSports.com, information may be placed on your computer to allow us to recognize your computer in the form of a text file known as a “cookie”. Our use of cookies is intended to provide benefits to you, such as eliminating the need for you to enter your password frequently during a session or the need to re-enter items you place in a shopping cart if you do not finish a transaction in a single visit. Cookies are also used for website traffic analysis and profiling.

If you wish to disable cookies or want to be notified before they are placed, you may do this in your browser settings. For example, if you are using Internet Explorer, you may disable and manage cookies by following the instructions here. However, we may not be able to provide certain services or you may not be able to view certain parts of this site if you have disabled cookies.

Your Rights

You have the right to request information and access to the personal data we have collected from and of you. You also have the right to request that we replenish, rectify, anonymity, or delete any incomplete, incorrect, unnecessary, or outdated personal data we hold on you. However, we cannot delete such personal data that is necessary for compliance with binding legal obligations or if the personal data must be retained according to applicable laws. You have the right to request and receive the personal data we have collected on you in a commonly used and machine-readable form. In case you consider your data collected by us to be inaccurate, you do not wish your data to be deleted where the processing of your data has been deemed unlawful or the personal data is no longer necessary, or you have objected to the processing and the existence of legitimate grounds for processing is still under consideration, you may request the restriction of processing of your data.

Please note that DeOro Sports may need to identify you and ask for additional information to be able to fulfill your above requests. Please also note that applicable law may contain restrictions and other provisions that relate to your above rights.

Changes to DeOro Sports Privacy Policy

DeOro Sports may from time to time update and change this Privacy Policy. If the changes include new purposes of processing, DeOro Sports will give you prior notice of such changes and, where necessary, request your consent. For more information on DeOro Sports Privacy Policy, contact us.

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