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I love these DeOro gloves! I ordered four gloves, one for my husband, my two boys and for myself. The first thing I noticed was the smell of the leather. It’s a thicker leather so we spent a bit longer breaking in but once we did, we were absolutely happy.

Sunny W.

After continuously borrowing my friend’s custom DeOro baseball glove, I decided to buy one. Their durable leathers and customization options were a no-brainer. I got my money’s worth!

Said R.

I’ve been a DeOro Pro Gloves customer for years. I keep coming back for their amazing leathers! I especially like the stiffness and durability. My current glove took about two weeks to break in but I was able to shape it to my expectations.

Robert C.

Me encanto mi guante – el material, corras gruesas, color, y el grabado muy bien hecho. El cuero muy bueno y bien formado. Todo a como lo personalice. ¡Lo recomiendo!

Neto R.

Es un guante de muy buena calidad en la piel que se elige, con un juego de colores que siempre impacta al verlo, uno de los guantes más cómodos que he utilizado, con un peso que puedes manejar correctamente.

Gill V.

Quedé encantado al utilizar este guante DeOro, comodidad, elegancia, durabilidad, estética un guante altamente recomendado para todos los amantes del beisbol.

Alberto R.

I’ve been shopping with DeOro Sports for quite some time currently have 3 gloves and love the quality of leather. Durability from when I first got my glove till now, still looks like brand new! Custom gloves Turnaround times are fast!

Mark B.

Having had my DeOro Baseball Glove since the 8th grade, it has been an exceptional part of my gear throughout high school and now into my sophomore year of college, showcasing its lasting quality. The glove’s leather is top-notch, and it maintains a professional aesthetic that looks as good as it feels on my hand. DeOro’s customer service is a game-changer; they genuinely care about their customers, ensuring every experience is as personalized as the fit of their gloves. Plus, their website offers a fantastic variety of customization options, allowing any player to tailor their glove to their own style and needs, enhancing the whole experience.

Misa C.

My DeOro Pro Glove stands out for its exceptional quality and durability. From its premium leather to intricate details, I’m confident to wear my glove on the diamond. Plus, the designing process was a breeze due their customizer’s dedication to detail and options. So, I’m confident to recommend DeOro gloves over other brands for superior quality and customization options.

Danny M.

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